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Nova Scotia offers a cold moist climate which is ideal growing conditions for Balsam Fir Trees. Each tree is hand pruned to achieve the perfect shape.


Nova Scotia Balsam Fir Trees have superior needle retention and a much sought after strong fragrance.


We use Nova Scotia government approved grading methods to insure that you receive value and quality for your money.


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Table Top
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Premium - The Best (Blue)


Heavy Density Single Sheared “PREMIUM” – The best of the best –

Sold in 1 foot height increments beginning from 4’ all the way up to 14’. 
The PREMIUM is a heavy density, heavily needled, 90 – 100% stem covered.

All 4 sides of this tree are complete.

This tree would be picture perfect in anyone’s home.

Select #1  The Most Popular (Red)


Medium Density Single Sheared “#1 Red”
– The most popular –

Sold in 1 foot height increments beginning from 4’ all the way up to 18’. 
The #1 Red is a medium density, medium needled, 80 – 90% stem covered.
All 4 sides of this tree are complete with one minor flaw.

Choice #2 - Traditional Looking (Orange)


Light Density Single Sheared “#2 Orange”

– Traditional looking –

Sold in 1 foot height increments beginning from 4’  - 12’.

The #2 Orange is a light to medium density, light to medium needled tree

70 – 80% stem covered.

 This would be considered a good corner tree with at least three good sides.

It has the natural look which gives you lots of room to hang the
ornaments that you love.

Field Grade (Pink)


This all around Field Grade – is sold in 2 foot increments.

It is a uniform tree with 60 – 70% stem covered with some small defects.

A great little tree for the price.


Premium Bale #3 (Purple)


Quality and value, this “#3 Purple” is sold in 2 foot increments.
The “#3 – Purple” is a light density product with 50 – 60% stem cover
with minor defects. 
It has the distinctive balsam fir look and smell yet affordable to your customers.

Regular Bale (Yellow)


The “Regular” is a very light density tree with 40 – 50% stem covered
with some defects. 
It is known as the bale tree in many areas of the country. 
With a great balsam smell this tree would certainly leave a
Christmas feeling all through the house.

Table Top with Base


Great little tree, this “TABLE TOP WITH BASE” is 18” to 36” high and is
perfect for a child’s room or any small place that you want to make it
feel like the holidays. 
It has the distinctive smell not matter how big or small.


Please call or e-mail for pricing.

Includes Stands and Butts Turned

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